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Lets Support Aldo Affirming Surgery

I present to you Aldo Alexander Peña Orellana. Aldo is a transgender man who resides in Ciudad Delgado in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Aldo began his transition in 2013, he did it while working (still working) in the CAM (Metropolitan Police or Municipal Police Corps.)

On June 27, 2015, after the LGBTIQ + pride march, Aldo suffered an attack of violence from the National Civil Police (PNC) of Ciudad Delgado where he still resides. When Aldo began his transition became more visible, after a discussion with the public transport motorist, the PNC was called and it was where Aldo received the abuse from the PNC, Aldo was the victim of harassment, verbal and physical violence by calling him out. names like "you're a rooster or hen" to name a few and since his DUI does not match his gender expression. They threatened to arrest him every time they saw him. Aldo tells that during the act of violence after the march, they shot him down to the ground and while one of the policemen subdued him, he called others to touch his intimate parts to assuage the morbidity, they said "if you say that you are a man, hold out as a man" they always tried to undress him.

Aldo was accused of resisting arrest and violence towards the police. Aldo took refuge in some organizations to which his friends who witnessed the incident could call them to help them; but Aldo says they could have taken his life.

This is one of many stories that Aldo was a victim, simply because he was a transgender person.

Aldo filed a complaint, which was answered with lies and false accusations.

After feeling that it was his last day of life, today Aldo has been able to survive in a transphobic society and in a state where there is no gender identity law and protection for Salvadoran cities.

Aldo is an activist in his community where he not only helps others but also fights for the rights of transgender people.

Aldo has more than 7 years of transition, today he seeks to achieve a gender affirmation surgery such as Double Mastectomy and creation of masculinized chest. This surgery will help Aldo to live in his full gender identity without fear.

For this, Aldo needs our financial help to be able to perform this surgery, which has a cost of 4 thousand dollars plus 1 thousand dollar for food and recovery and housing rent expenses. for a total of 5 thousand dollars

Aldo is very confident that he will reach your hearts and that he will be able to achieve his dreams.

Plase follow the link to donate, or copy to share.


Alexa Rodriguez

and Aldo Alexander Peña Orellana

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